Sunday, May 22, 2011

The big 2!

Yesterday my babies turned 2!

We got a fire pit, had a BBQ, made home made banana ice cream and had a b-day party for them and Aub. She turned the big 22 on the 16th!

We went and got the rocking chair that my Mom had when she was prego with me out of storage.

We obviously will not be rocking babies, but Kaia loves it.

She loves Russ more than anything:)

Align CenterThis is my baby. I love this little guy so much.

Russell's Dad came down to pick up some things for his trailer and we went with him.That is where I discovered true love:) Look at this baby.. I told Russ when I make my first million doing hair I'm going to get it!

Seriously amazing!

We could sell our house and be camp hosts!

I wonder if they will trade us straight across for ours.. After we left that one Russ had to go and freshen up in another one. He was too tall for all of the showers and too long for all of the beds!

Pretty good weekend overall. Found some cool furniture to re-do at a yard sale, along with my sweet rocking chair. Now we are off to Fairview to look at a 72' Chevy.

As if my yard doesn't already look like a junk yard!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy weekend!

This morning we went to Deer Creek around 9-ish. We did not catch a thing, so we came home and decided to clean up the yard a little and paint our porch railings before they rust away.

Don't mind the junk-yard behind us.. That's a whole other post!

It was 82 degrees today according to my car so we headed on down to McDonald's and got a frozen lemonade.

And the finished product.After we painted the railings we gave the dogs a bath and went to Utah Lake. Seriously not a good fishing day:( It was so windy that you couldn't even cast. We gave up and came home to play a little Frisbee!

We are all exhausted and ready for bed! This has been the longest 3 day weekend of my life. And I am ready to go back to work. Where I am FOR SURE it is less stressful than being at home:)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fishing in the dark

(Sorry about the sideways pictures)

I took these with my tellie and I have no clue how to flip them:(

Last night Russ and I went fishing. We didn't catch anything but it was still so much fun.

We hit up Del Taco and off we went!

I love this picture of our poles..

My creative power bait photo shoot.

Love him.. He is my Master-Baiter!

These little guys were eating all of Russell's sunflower seeds.

I love living where we do. 5 minutes from the canyon, 3 from the lake. It makes quick fishing trips easy to do.. Hopefully my next fishing post has a big ole catfish in it:)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Walk it off

Tonight we went on a family walk to the hospital and back. ( about 2 miles)
Since we have all put on a little extra winter insulation we have been going on walks or to the gym every night. I don't think that these two knew what they were getting in to!

The second we got home Grizzly collapsed on the grass. Look at his tongue!

And Kaia Lou is determined to get her puppy bikini body back:)

I love Spring walks!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Memories and My dream home

Main Street, American Fork. I love this street. I love this town.

This is the house that my Dad grew up in. It is about 2 blocks down the street from our house. I am in love with everything about this house. If I had all of the money in the world this is the house I would pick. My Dad is always telling me stories about growing up there.

One day he brought home a couple of baby goats. Some how they had snuck into the house and went out an open window onto the roof. My Granny (His Mom) could not figure out why people were stopping and pointing at her house. Well the roof was covered in baby goats! I cant drive by without thinking about that!

They use to hide on the roof and throw apples at people driving by. They people would get out and search for the "apple throwers" but they could never find them.

Or the time when my Grandpa Ince brought his horse into the house for the night.. He brought him right on into the living room!

Historic home of Thomas Singleton, 1896

I could sit on this front porch forever!

Maybe someday I'll move "UP" on Main Street.

Blogging Hiatus!

Ahh.. It has only been 5 months since my last post!

We FINALLY got Internet so I will try to update this baby a little more often.
Saturday Russ and I took a little trip to home depot and got a few things to make our yard look a little less ghetto! It is slowly getting there.. We also bought the paint to paint the window seals and hand railings. I cant wait until the good weather is here to stay and then we will paint the outside and get a new front door and build shutters.. All I want is a new front door.. A BRIGHT RED one:)

This is our haul, we went back 2 more times after this..

Kaia loves her yard. She looks a little over weight
P.S. don't mind all of the dandelions. Our grass is a work in progress think Fun with Dick and Jane lawn:)

The back corner (lilac bush) and hopefully this wont be trampled by the dogs during their daily attack of the neighbors dogs!

(Grizzly up to no good) This is a shot of how awesome our yard looked! Just call us the Clampetts.

mmm... Sh-nasty!

(And after)
A little love, some bushes and flowers!

Now if the dogs would stop using this as a race track!

In other news:

Our basement is finished! I am still in shock that itis done. I will post pictures when I decide to fold laundry and clean:) Now I need to re-do the upstairs ahh.. never ending construction.

I start school in September. Could not be more excited, or scared! 134 days and counting. After watching Jerseylicious I am convinced that doing hair is my destiny! And since I am completely miserable where I am at now with my "job" it is time to get er' done. Beauty school round 2.

We are planning a family vacation to California in July. It will be their first time to Disneyland/Sea world. 4 days in Cali 3 days in Vegas. We are way over-due for a vacay. 58 days and counting!