Monday, May 9, 2011

Memories and My dream home

Main Street, American Fork. I love this street. I love this town.

This is the house that my Dad grew up in. It is about 2 blocks down the street from our house. I am in love with everything about this house. If I had all of the money in the world this is the house I would pick. My Dad is always telling me stories about growing up there.

One day he brought home a couple of baby goats. Some how they had snuck into the house and went out an open window onto the roof. My Granny (His Mom) could not figure out why people were stopping and pointing at her house. Well the roof was covered in baby goats! I cant drive by without thinking about that!

They use to hide on the roof and throw apples at people driving by. They people would get out and search for the "apple throwers" but they could never find them.

Or the time when my Grandpa Ince brought his horse into the house for the night.. He brought him right on into the living room!

Historic home of Thomas Singleton, 1896

I could sit on this front porch forever!

Maybe someday I'll move "UP" on Main Street.


Jeff and Lacy said...

Adorable house, there is a house in Springville that I am in love with, similar to that one.

Love the memories too!

Special K said...

I love that house!! It looks so cute!! I am glad you are back blogging!:)