Friday, November 13, 2009

Let the fun begin!

After a MUCH needed getaway to California ( Thank you so much Mary and Terry) We returned home not knowing if we would be able to start working on our house. Thursday morning we went over there and we able to start construction!

We tore out all of the old red and yellow shag carpet down stairs and knocked down some of the wood panelling. We are not really worried about down stairs because we can finish that while we are living upstairs! Just as long and its empty and clean..

When we tore out the carpet upstairs there was hardwood floor in both bedrooms and half of the living room. I was so excited because its the "old" hardwood from 1944 and I am going for the "old" look so once we re-finish it, it will look amazing! And for some weird reason it stopped right in the middle of the living room which is right where I wanted to the carpet to start so that turned out perfect:)

We knocked down the ceiling in the living room because it was this old asbestos tile stuff and my lungs are still burning..

We bought paint and light fixtures for the bedrooms yesterday. The colors will be Crisp autumn leaves and Mossy Green. I do not want one wall left white. I love color and I am so excited to be able paint things how I want them!

I am so happy and so relieved that we are finally able to start working on it. And hopefully we will be in there before Thanksgiving. I just hope that all of the bad news is over!

* Pics coming soon

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Battle of the Bands!

Miss Cinderella and Gene Simmons from KISS
The cutest Buzzlight year ever and Mr. Brett Michaels from Poison
It was a great Halloween:)
Thanks for the picture Lacy!!!