Monday, August 25, 2008

New Toys!

This weekend we went down to my Dads house. And anyone who knows my Dad knows that he is ALWAYS buying cars, trucks, BOATS, and anything else that has a motor! Well when we pulled into his drive way there it was.. A 21 foot Bellboy! We started looking at it and then he told us it was ours. Thanks Dad! I have no idea what year it is but I was telling him last weekend that I wanted to get a little fishing boat and so now we have one! It needs to be cleaned up a little but he said it runs great. After we got home we went over to my step sisters house to look at her husbands 4 wheeler that they are trying to sale. I was going to buy a new one next spring but after Russ looked at this one he said that it was a way good deal and so we bought it. Its a Yamaha 660 and I am so happy because I wont have to deal with a big brand new 4 wheeler payment because its paid for! They also threw in a jet kit, paddle tires(which I will not be using no matter what Russ says!) Unless its in the snow..and ramps all for $1800! We took it for a test drive last night a did a 50 ft long wheelie down the street that I was not expecting so all I can say is that I cant wait to go to 5 mile because.. I wanna go fast!!