Monday, September 27, 2010

We are still ALIVE!!

We are still alive! It feels like we have been in a tornado of chaos the past year and a half.. But We are back and doing wonderful! All of our hard work and patience has paid off and we are now homeowners. For those of you know how crazy this has been it is such a relief to say " Its finally ours"

Here are just a couple of pictures of some of the things we have done. We have basically had to tear down an old house and build a new one inside it.. I am so excited to finish everything and complete our little dream home!

And with a house payment like ours I am glad we stuck it out!

And.. The before

More updated pictures coming soon.. Just as soon as I get all of my decorations up!
Yes, I have lived there for almost a year, and NO I am not close to being done..

Or you could just pay us a visit!