Sunday, May 22, 2011

The big 2!

Yesterday my babies turned 2!

We got a fire pit, had a BBQ, made home made banana ice cream and had a b-day party for them and Aub. She turned the big 22 on the 16th!

We went and got the rocking chair that my Mom had when she was prego with me out of storage.

We obviously will not be rocking babies, but Kaia loves it.

She loves Russ more than anything:)

Align CenterThis is my baby. I love this little guy so much.

Russell's Dad came down to pick up some things for his trailer and we went with him.That is where I discovered true love:) Look at this baby.. I told Russ when I make my first million doing hair I'm going to get it!

Seriously amazing!

We could sell our house and be camp hosts!

I wonder if they will trade us straight across for ours.. After we left that one Russ had to go and freshen up in another one. He was too tall for all of the showers and too long for all of the beds!

Pretty good weekend overall. Found some cool furniture to re-do at a yard sale, along with my sweet rocking chair. Now we are off to Fairview to look at a 72' Chevy.

As if my yard doesn't already look like a junk yard!

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Jeff and Lacy said...

Happy Birthday Kaia and Grizzly!!! Two already!?! It goes so fast! Love the rocking chair and the trailer. If this hair thing goes well you can buy your favorite SIL one too! And...lucky for you, Russell doesn't shower. Hehehe!