Thursday, November 6, 2008

Catching up!

This has been a crazy week and I have been so busy! So here are all of the tags I am behind on. I do not have any pics because I am at work..


8 TV shows I love to watch
-Sons of Anarchy
-Family Guy
-American Dad
-My first house
-Flip this house
-Jon and Kate plus 8
-Girls next door

8 Places I love to eat
-LA CASITA.. I would eat here everyday if I could
-McDonalds.. That's why I am so chunky!
-Charlie boys BBQ pit
-Claim Jumper
-Pizza Factory
-Burger King (whopper and fries)

8 things that happened yesterday
-Went to work
-Went and saw my Grandma
-Laughed so hard I cried
-Ate at Carl's JR
-Played with Chinchy
-Watched it snow!!
-Talked to my Sista
-Hung out with my hubster

8 things I look forward to
-Seeing my Grandma and Russ when I get off work
-Buying a house
-Getting a dog
-Seeing my Dad
-My little sisters and brother grow up
-Growing old with my hubby

8 things I love about Fall
-The smell of cinnamon
-The color of leaves
-Being with family
-Camping, even though it gets a little chilly!
-Shopping for fall clothes
-Christmas shopping
-Pumpkin pie

8 things on my wish list
-For Russ and I to grow closer to God together
-Being able to buy a house
-Being Happy
-Have my Grandma be here for the holidays
-Maybe being able to have a baby
-To go to Vegas in February
-Go back to school
-Everyone to know how much I love them


Full name: Russell William Springer

How long Have we been married: 1 year and 4 months

How long did we date: 1 year and 9 months

Who eats the sweets: We both LOVE candy!

Who said I love you first: Russ did

Who is taller: He is by like 10 inches

Who sings better: Together we make magic baby!

Who is smarter: Depends on what it is about we learn alot from each other.

Who does Laundry: Both of us, I wash it and he puts it away

Who pays the bills: We both work and we both pay the bills

Who sleeps on the right: Him, but sometimes I sneak on that side when I get scared of the window!

Who mows the lawn: About 12 Spanish men! We have people that do it for us..

Who cooks dinner: Well I never get home before 7 so Russ usually does on weekdays and then I will on weekends.. he is so good to me!

Who Drives: He does and I hate it.. He has road rage and thinks he has to race everyone

Who admits they are wrong first: We both will but it takes a little time!

Who asked who out first: This is a long story, I saw Russ at walkers ( gas station) and I had not talked to him for like a year or more and I asked my sister to go tell him to call me and she wouldn't so I called him from work ( Sportsman's Warehouse) that night and somehow he knew it was me and called me like 3 days later. I had a boyfriend at the time so Russ would come over to my house late at night and we would just sit and talk and drive around. I don't remember our 1st date because we had to be so sneaky! There is WAY more to this story but I don't have all day..

Who wears the pants: He does .. But I take em` off!!

What does he do that surprises you: Every holiday is does something so cute for me.. and I love what he writes in cards, it makes me cry! I think he is only romantic on Valentines day just read on about the proposal part and you will see why..

What is your favorite feature on him: His BUTT!! If you know Russ you know that he wears his pants a little low.. and I may be the only one who likes it!

What is your favorite quality that he has: He is a hard worker and I know he tries so hard to make sure I am happy ( and I am..)

Does he have a nickname for you: Just Ash or baby unless hes mad at me!

What is his favorite sport: He plays basketball every week but I don't know if its his fav?? I think he would rather be fishing or riding

What is your favorite thing to so as a couple: Camping, fishing, Riding anything outside..

What are some of his hidden talents: He is really smart when it comes to fixing things and he is so funny!

What do you admire most about him: I love that he is so loving and that he is always making sure I am ok. I have had alot of things going on lately and he is always there for me. I couldn't ask for a better husband.

What is his favorite color: Red and Black

How did he propose: Ha ha.. don't make me laugh! Hey baby lets go look at rings.. Later on I am driving to church and guess what I find in the door of the truck.. My ring?? So there it is just sitting there and I went home took a nap woke up went and got it and I told him he was dumb and then he asked me.. How sweet I know! Aub and I totally tried it on at church and then I wore it home but he doesn't know that.. So its not romantic but hey I got the ring and the man I wanted so what can ya do!


The Lybrook Family... said...

I liked reading this even though there was some T.M.I. (lol) but it was nice to hear what a good relationship you guys have together!

Mrs. Green said...

charlie boys pit bbq is my first roommates dad's place. i used to work there when i was in high school. :) they DO have some yummy stuff.

also, jeremy's mom keeps asking me to ask you how you're related to brandon.